Using the PS2 with a Mac as a media center [ongoing]

I finally got a PS2 (the pink model with Disney SingStar for €80), and of course, I don’t want to use it just for playing games (although the €30 Guitar Hero bundle did manage to steal a lot of time), but also as a media player for playing movies from my MacBook Pro on the TV (the MacBook lacks ways of outputting PAL video).

Of course, Sony wants me to just play games and makes doing anything else a bit difficult. I looked into different alternatives, from mod chips to swap tricks. Finally, I got a Memor32, which is basically a memory card with 4 times the capacity of the one supplied with the console and a built-in USB-to-serial converter that allows accessing the data on the MC with strange Windows software supplied by the MC’s manufacturer. I couldn’t find any Mac software for this task, but that’s not a problem, see below.


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